Hospital pharmacies are in-house pharmacies located inside the hospitals and are responsible for the provision of medications to hospital patients. Such pharmacies may either be responsible for the procurement and distribution of medications throughout the hospital, or they can be just a facility from where hospital patients can buy medicines or medical supplies like syringes, cannula, etc.

Royan Hospital has a standard full service pharmarcy. We have in our drug inventory a variety of medications including specialized drugs. We ensure maintainance of drugs in the appropriate storage conditions and maintain a cold-chain for temperature sensitive medications such as vaccines.

Insurance companies and large corporations have hospitals on their panels as part of clients’ or employees’ benefits schemes. In such cases, employees or their dependents can get treatment from the hospital on their company’s panel and get reimbursements for expenses incurred on treatment and medications. Hospital pharmacies thus have to keep track of all expenses incurred on a particular employee’s behalf and submit these details to the hospital.

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